Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Refashioned Collar Dress

Wow.  Isn't that dress a beauty?  Flattering, no? (NO!)  First of all, I hate collared dresses.  I guess I just like things to look and feel more feminine.  This was my sister's dress that she wore in high school (she graduated many moons ago).  When she graduated, she gave it to me.  Ah.  Lovely closet dust-collector how I loath thee.  Why did I keep it for so long?  I don't know!  Today when the mood hit me right, I gathered some thoughts and went to town on this fella.

First, I cut off the collar.  Gross.  I picked a button that seemed to sit at a decent length, and that  would create the line for the new neckline.  Cut, cut, cut.  

I tried it on and I didn't love the new neckline.  It seemed like it was missing something.  Thus, I added some lace for some feminine goodness.  What is it about lace that just goes with just about anything?  I love lace.

My next fix was to take in the sides of the bottom just a bit so the dress had less of a flare, and more of a fitted look.  I have looooong legs, and flared skirts and dresses look terrible on me because they always hit above my knee.  Sigh.  Fitted just works better for my body.

  I added some lace I had lying around to make a sash belt.  I thought it completed the ensemble nicely.  What do you think?

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