Friday, July 6, 2012

Star Hair

So I decided it was time to get creative with the hair dos for little miss.  She is almost two, and her hair is getting long.  I hate to leave it down because she hates having it in her face.  I wasn't sure I could pull off the star, but it worked great!  Again, I forgot to take some step-by-step pictures, but I can tell you how I did it ;)

First, separate the top of the hair into three sections and tie off.  These will be called the "top piggies".  Make the middle section the biggest as you will need two braids.  Now divide the bottom half into two sections (like pig tails).  Start back up at the top with braids.  Divide the middle pony into two sections.  Braid one half and leave the other half for the time being.  Take the braid and add it into the corresponding bottom piggy tail (I just add elastics as I go).  Repeat with the other top braid.  The hair should have 4 piggies left and a ^ shape in the braids so far.

Next, braid the bottom piggies and add them to the opposite sides of the top left and right piggies as to make the crossing part of the star.  Now take the right, top piggy and separate it into two sections.  Leave one section hanging as the piggy and braid the other.  Take the braid straight across to the other top left piggy and tie it in.  Now you should have a star with two side piggies left over!  Clear as mud?  Next time I'll take more pictures.  Enjoy!

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