Friday, January 4, 2013

Refashioned Pants Into Skinny Jeans

Refashioned Pants.  Think Skinny.

I got my new sewing machine for Christmas, and boy was I excited to use it!  No more going to my momma's house to use hers.  I didn't have enough fabric hanging around to make anything special, and my sick children require being quarantined for the time being, so I had to work with something I already had.  Check out those pants.  Pink.  Pink pants.  Aren't they lovely?  Those pants were given to me many moons ago, and I have only worn them three times--if I am lucky.  I liked the idea of the pink pants, but they never really fit me very well.  Why I held on to them for so long?  No idea. Me oh my did they come in handy today!
So.....the pants.  Flattering, no? My favorite feature was that they are clearly too short for me, and I can't think of anything more annoying than having pants that are too short.  I am a tall person.  Thus, I need long pants.  These pants?  Not long enough!

Lucky for me, skinny pants in funky colors are oh-so-popular right now, so I formulated a plan and got to work!  First, I put the pants on inside out.  Next, I placed pins where I wanted to sew my new inseam.  Make sure you sew them on the inside of the leg where no one can tell you made adjustments.

Next, carefully remove the pants and being sewing along the lines made with pins.  Try the pants on again, and mark any areas needing adjustments with pins.  Sew.  Repeat until they fit.

I like to sew two lines for extra strength.  Cut just along the first sewing line to remove the excess material.

 Remember how I said I am tall and need looong pants?  Yes, well, if you have that same problem, you probably want to pick out the stitching in the bottom hem and let it out an inch or two.  I added about an inch and a half to these bad boys.  Now I won't be constantly bothered by the length.  Score!

Now try them on right side out and admire.  Ahhh...all in about thirty minutes.  So cute!

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