Friday, July 6, 2012

Star Pancakes

Have you ever tried to make shape pancakes before?  I can honestly say that I have attempted many times, but have never been too successful.  When I try to free-hand it things get sloppy, and all my cookie cutters are plastic so they melt in the pan.  What is a girl to do?  I love celebrating the holidays and birthdays with fun breakfast ideas, but the pancakes make me so angry!

Well, the other morning I was determined to make some star pancakes to celebrate the 4th.  DUH!!!  It hit me.  Make a regular pancake, but just before you are ready to take it off the griddle, push a cookie cutter into the pancake just enough to make the shape without cutting into the entire thing.  Ta Da!  It worked just splendidly.  Little miss was so excited to get star pancakes, and I was so proud that I wasn't handing her a heap of messy pancakes that didn't turn out.  This would be so easy for any holiday!  I have 150 cookie cutters, so the possibilities are endless!!

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